The Right Finish

Change the feel of your kitchen with refinished hardware by Specialty Metal Finishing, Inc. We specialize in custom metal finishes, including antique finishes. Based in Houston, Texas, our services are available nationwide.

Door Handles and Fence with a Beautiful Metal Finish

Our Specialties

Stripping | Cleaning & Polishing | Restoration | Clear Anodizing | Custom Plating | Clear Lacquering | Commune Plating | Tabernacle Restoration | Sandblasting with Lacquer (for a Painted Look)

Popular Finishes

Polish Chrome—Mirror Finish, Bright White-Blue
Matte Chrome—Dull White-Blue
Bright Chrome—White-Blue, No Polishing
Satin Chrome—Brushed Finish in Bright White-Blue
Polish Nickel—Mirror Finish, Yellow-Tone Hue
Matte Nickel—Dull, Yellow-Tone Hue
Bright Nickel—Yellow-Tone Hue, No Polishing
Satin Nickel—Brushed Finished in Yellow-Tone Hue
Antique Nickel—Dark Grayish Color with Streaks of Black
Polish Gold—Mirror Finish
Satin Gold—Brushed Finish
Antique Gold—Deep Gold with Black Streaks
Antique Copper—Deep Orange with Black Streaks
Bright Copper—Deep Orange, Unpolished
Polish Copper—Mirror Finish Orange
Satin Copper—Brushed Orange
Dark Pewter—True Gray
Light Pewter—True Gray
Oil-Rubbed Bronze—Matte Brown or Black
Rhodium—Platinum Plating
Antique Brass—Medium Yellow with Black Streaks
Polish Brass—Mirror-Finish, Medium Yellow
Satin Brass—Brushed Medium Yellow
Dura Brass—Tarnish-Resistant, High-Luster Finish
Bright Silver—Mirror-Finish White
Satin Silver—Brushed Bright White
Antique Silver—Light Gray with Mild Dark Streaks

A Guaranteed Match

We pride ourselves on our ability to match just about any color sample. If a color you have in mind is not listed above, don't worry. Bring your color sample to the shop and challenge us to match it.